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SETT2WIN is for the 1% elite who are looking to take their physique way beyond limits. SETT2Win’s nutritional programs leave NOTHING to chance are scientifically formulated based of the individuals unique measurement, muscle mass, and bodyfat distribution. SETT2Win uses macronutrient based diet to insure success on stage! We are SETT2WIN, SCIENTIFIC EXERCISE TRAINING TEAM! When an individual hires one of our team members they get the knowledge and support of the entire team put to work for them. After numerous years of competing, judging and promoting within the bodybuilding world, we have developed a proven contest preparation program, which has resulted in our team owning numerous overall victories and countless class wins.

Formulating the Athlete’s Diet

  • Muscle weight, body type, lifestyle factors, performance or physique objectives and other metrics all come into play in determining your protein, CHO, and fat needs
  • Nutrients are signals not simply just calories. Protein signals synthesis, CHO signals storage and fat is our primary anabolic hormone driver.
  • SETT embraces a proper caloric partitioning model NOT a simple balance equation of calories in and calories out
  • Each diet is individually designed and no two are the same even though separate athletes may have the same height, age, weight, etc…
  • SETT formulates macronutrient based diets encouraging unprocessed food sources with the highest micronutrient profile possible however occasionally, in moderation, the athlete is able to fit in their favorite foods. This is important in maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship with food.

Metrics taken from the athlete’s measurements and how they help formulate each individual diet.

Bodyfat Percent This is taken from the sum of the athletes skinfold measurements
Fat Pounds SETT likes the athletes to lose fat slowly at about 1 lb per week to preserve strength, power, and muscle
Muscle Pounds An advanced equation is used to accurately calculate how much muscle mass the athlete has. This gives SETT a lot of information on the clients protein and carbohydrate needs
Lean Body Weight Not overly relevant as a metric as water weight can greatly impact this number. LBW is not used in formulating most diets.
Goal Pounds This will determine what weight class or how much an athlete will weigh on the day of the competition
Goal % Through experience and judging many athletes we have found that certain body types will need to get leaner in order to optimize their placings while other will not have to compete at an extremely low percent
Fat to lose This is the amount of fat that the athlete needs to lose to hit their goals weight and percent body fat goal
BMR The rate of caloric expenditure at rest
Glycogen Sat How much carbohydrate an athlete is capable of storing assuming depleted liver and muscle glycogen stores
Stress Level Extremely important in caloric partitioning and how the athlete will respond.

Contest Preparation Diet Plan

To Be Successful on this Plan a candidate should:

  • Possess a high desire to succeed and follow a plan from start to finish
  • Must be proficient in basic email and excel usage
  • Proficient with any food tracking software (Fit Day, Calorie King, etc)
  • Positive team oriented attitude

Diet Plan Includes:

  • Detailed gram suggestions pin pointed to the athletes exact needs.
  • Daily and unlimited email correspondence and program review through the competition season
  • Measurements through the contest season as needed
  • Unlimited re-formulations through the contest season
  • Assistance with show selection, tanning selection, suit selection, travel, and everything else needed for competition
  • Fringe benefits of working with a team of professional coaches and other like minded individuals
  • Team discounts on tanning, show videos, suits, etc.
  • Detailed suggestion on advanced supplementation
  • Access to our database of macronutrient based recipes

$428 total or 2 payments of $214 each
Renewal on month to month basis – $19.99 per month

  • As needed measurement session/weigh inSession at Resultz1Continued contest prep and nutritional counselingContinued discounts on show tanning, suits, seminars, and posing.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

“I want to thank you for all if this. I’m not sure I’m where I had hoped to be physically at 2 weeks out from competition, but I know for a fact that I look better and am in better shape at 51 years young than I have ever been in my life. I know I’ve had to put forth the effort, but you two went out on a limb (I’m assuming-living out a dream costs money!) to start the SETT center, and without that, I would still be wasting my time and money with one-on-one personal training. I have seen more improvement in three months than I have since I started this journey two years ago. So thank you so very much for all you have done!!!” – Bob.

I want to thank you. You are like family to me how. I think of you often…and smile. – Phil

This will not be the last time I say it but thank you. I’ve really enjoyed working with you. I was very sad and upset when I had to stop training last year due to health issues. I have felt GREAT this season. You have been such a positive influence when we train and you have pushed me both mentally and physically to places I never thought possible. I’m glad you have been proud of me and I am very proud of myself. I feel I have come a long way since we first started and I have you to thank. I know I am ready and am very excited for the upcoming shows. Thank you!!!!! – Lisa

Jess! Dude thanks, I’ve NEVER looked OR felt better in my life…. I was a “fat boy” for a few long years and it’s still hard to get over the new me!!!! – Melvin

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